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Is there any expiry date?
According to Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law "Products deterioration within 3 years for common storage condition" must write expiry date. Our product has been strictly exam through quality testing and in a common storage condition it will not deteriorate within 3 years. If stored in a direct sunlight or in humid condition there is possibility to deteriorate. Please follow the instruction for the usage and storage.
Is it safe to use for allergy, eczema, and delicate skin?
Creator of McCoy had a serious eczema which made her study and to develop low stimulus cosmetics. Products made with less stimulus with high quality ingredient to reborn into healthy skin without damaging. We have many cases of improved eczema skins. with eczema skins but still it is cosmetic and effects depends on one's body condition. We advice you to have a patch test on your inner arm before using it.
The product includes gold and titanium, but is it safe to use for meta allergy skin?
In general, cause of metal allergy are metals like nickel or cobalt. Our product includes origin of metal such as ionized mineral and ore but we have strictly exam that it is difficult to cause metal allergy with these ingredients. But we do advice you to have a patch test before use since body condition varies depending on people.
What is the difference of Non F Energy Cream SP and Non F Beauty Cream?
Energy cream is to break down cellulite and beauty cream is to tighten body shape. We advice you to use energy first, and after breaking down cellulite use beauty cream.
I had some rashes after I used Non F Energy Cream SP
People who has allergy, accumulate wastes and toxins, or exhaustion depending on their condition, there are possibility of rashes. Because of the ingredient, ionized mineral catches the accumulate wastes and toxin and to improve detox. Normal these toxin excrete from feces, urine, and sweat but people with low excretion function, they excrete from skin which cause rashes.
Why does some dirt/scurf comes off my skin when I apply Non F Energy Cream?
Skin keratin gets soft when applying Non F Energy Cream and by giving massage, skin dirt/scurf comes off from your skin.
Can I use during pregnancy and breast feed?
No. (For those who had caesarean section, we advice you not to apply on your wound.)
I heard oil cleansing damages skin…
Best balanced selected oil and cleansing ingredient moisture the skin and prevent skin damage. Minimized low molecule delivers beauty component deep inside to cell and to normalize skin turnover.
I feel my skin dry after using Non F Idol Face line cream.
Idol face line cream encourage directly to skin cell and to rejuvenate the cell itself. The cream does not make skin film on skin surface. Please use Hyaluronic Moisture cream for preventing dry skin after Idol Face line cream.